ALCOS is manufacturing a .160” x 84” x 74,000 lbs. slitting line to process surface critical aluminum and high strength steel for automotive to be installed in Tennessee in 2016. This line includes many advanced features to maximize efficiency. It all starts with a traversing Coil Car Tipper that will upend coils from eye-to-the-sky to eye-horizontal while at the same time traversing to the entry turnstile.

A Single Mandrel Uncoiler with an AC regenerative drive and brake pays the strip off into the line. Individually driven Entry Pinch Rolls and Breaker Rolls enable easy threading to the Entry Crop Shear. The ALCOS Turret Injector Slitter provides a quick change system for the three precision slitter heads. Tension for rewinding is provided by a Combi Tension Unit that features ALCOS’s quick change tension rolls with powered head locks and an automatic CNC Strip Separator System.

To remove any shape defects and provide the optimal end product, an ALCOS 6-Hi Precision Corrective Cassette Hydraulic Leveler is included. The leveler features a powered interchange system for various sized work roll cassettes. An Exit Crop Shear with single point gap adjustment allows for coil splitting, tail cropping and sample collection.

A Two Speed Turret Recoiler is provided to rewind the slit coils at speeds up to 400 and 1200 FPM. The hardened mandrels feature ALCOS’s “no-tongue” gripper. The Turret Recoiler rotates quickly to transition from one coil to the next without losing production time waiting to strap the individual mults. Strand retainers secure the slit strands after the coil is fully wound.

Some of the other features in this line include a Laser Thickness Gauge, a top and bottom Vision Inspection System, Electrostatic Oiler and a Paper Applicator Unit.