ALCOS Machinery Inc., a recognized global leader in the design and manufacture of coil processing equipment, is sponsoring the exclusive conference for its 4th consecutive year.   “The New Horizons in Steel Markets” 12th Annual conference in Istanbul for the global steel market planned by SteelOrbis, on this Thursday, November 2nd. This conference is the gathering point for over 500 international steel industry professionals which include some of the largest international steel producers in the business such as ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, along with exclusive end users Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung Corp among their ranks! There will be presentations from important figures in the global steel market regarding the outlook in the steel industry, with discussions on the main issues and the latest trends, as well as the expectations for the manufacturing of steel in the future.

Those that attend this exclusive event will meet and network with senior directors and managers from international steel companies, hear presentations from international speakers about the latest developments in steel manufacturing and hear appraisals from economists about the latest economic issues and how they impact the global steel market.

This industry wide event is important for the key industry players such as the steel mills, service centers and end users.  ALCOS will have a booth at the event which will give steel executives an opportunity to meet with ALCOS’s very own Mr. Gurman Gunes, whom is ALCOS’s top executive in Turkey with a proven track record and is highly versed in applications engineering, design and sales.   He will prove to be a valuable resource for steel executives to learn about the latest technological advancements from  coil processing equipment for which the last few years have been just as relentless as with the advancements in steel production, with Automotive High Strength Steel’s (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel’s (UHSS) taking center stage.  Service centers supplying the automotive sector have found their existing equipment simply isn’t designed to handle these lighter yet much stronger grades of steel.

ALCOS’s sister facility is located in one of Turkey’s main steel production centers and is fully equipped with the latest in advanced CNC manufacturing equipment and an engineering department equipped with the latest 3D CAD systems and the capability to fully manufacture under one roof, means quality can be monitored and controlled at every stage, this has given ALCOS an undisputable advantage in the Turkish market place, and has served as key hub for servicing our international clientele located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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