ALCOS Machinery Inc. has the advantage of offering a dual station vacuum stacker. This vacuum stacker is equipped to process materials that can be customized to fit your needs. The dual station vacuum stacker can handle a variety types of metal blanks – aluminum, steel or stainless steel – up to a certain length and width.

With a seamless operation, the vacuum stacker can operate continuously. It also expends high power to be able to stack banks of steel without the help of electromagnets. This allows for multi-tasking as one station collects, stacks, tamps and counts blanks while the other one remains on standby. The one on standby simultaneously is ready to receive blanks from the vacuum conveyor as soon as it is completed on the first station. The changeover is fully automatic and seamless.

However, in the situation where paired blanks (such as a trapezoid or left-and-right-handed blanks) require separate stacking, the two vacuum stacker stations are used simultaneously. How it works is that the vacuum conveyor alternates dropping blanks to the first and second station. When the blank count reaches the desired number, the stacker will signal the press to stop the removal of both stacks.

Completed stacks can be discharged to the front or the rear of the stacker via shuttle cars. This ensures a smooth and continuous operation and is integrated with a scale to get an accurate weight number of the stacks. Any blank rejects can be deposited on the conveyer belt at the end of the stacker and deposited into a reject bin.