alcos high speed coil slitting line

Our Coil Packaging Lines Features


Automatic Pick & Place Traversing Downender 

The Automatic Pick and Place Traversing Downender automatically removes each individual slit mult from the exit transfer turnstile of the slitting line, transfers the mult to a conveyor bed, and down-ends the slit coil mult from “eye horizontal” to the “eye vertical” position for further conveyance to a banding table and other downstream packaging equipment.

Automatic I.D. Banding

A coil manipulating table that normally requires an operator to rotate the coil and place banding through the I.D. at several locations can be replaced by a fully-automatic unit. The number of bands are programmed while the size of incoming mult is determined by sensors. No operator is required. I.D. banding after a skidded coil package is complete is also available.

Single, dual and triple banding head systems are available for either plastic or steel banding, with or without clips.

Automatic Spacer Placement

The Automatic Spacer Placer is designed to prevent slit mult edge damage by placing a series of spacers on the upper face of each stacked mult prior to the next mult being placed on top of it.

This system is designed with the flexibility of using different types and sizes of spacers (wood or plastic) and will also allow the different placement configurations so as to avoid placing a spacer directly on top of previously applied bands.

O.D./I.D. Stacker

A combination I.D. & O.D. lift system enables the stacker to handle large O.D. narrow slit mults. The lifting system incorporates a “foot” extending from the lifting leg, under the coil in both the I.D. and the O.D. of the coil, to prevent telescoping while being lifted.

If Spacers are not used the legs can be pivoted for a quick open and drop.

Automatic Pallet Loading

The Automatic Pallet Loading system is completely automatic and does not require any manual input other than the operator’s controls at the main console and pre-stacking of pallets.

Sortation Carousel

A Sortation Carousel can be used in place of a linear conveyor in order to produce custom-ordered stacks of various slit mult sizes on skids. The skids are either manually placed onto the carousel or can be automatically inserted by an automatic pallet loading system. The carousel can have 4, 6 or 8 stations.

Shuttle Cars

Shuttle Cars can be used instead of a sortation table or exit end conveyors. The shuttle cars can traverse in 2 directions and more than one shuttle car can be used at each stacking station.

ALCOS Coil and Blanks Packaging Lines are designed to perfectly fit our client’s production layout, optimize your slitting line productivity and reduce your packaging costs. Module-based design of our packaging lines allows for greater flexibility to meet growing customer demands and specifically tailor our machines to your requirements.

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