Cut-To-Length Lines

alcos cut to length lines

ALCOS cut-to-length lines are ideal for processing materials up to 1 inch (25mm) thick and 96 inches (2438 mm) wide from coils of up to 100,000 lbs. (45,000 kg) in weight, with an outside diameter of up to 100” (2540 mm). Cut-To-Length Lines provide a fast and efficient means of creating precise leveled blanks from the coil. ALCOS features a wide range of lines including light, medium, and heavy gauge cut-to-length lines, each with their own unique features:

Light gauge cut-to-length lines are built for speed and ease of use and can produce higher line speeds without experiencing material slippage. Light gauge lines are also capable of processing surface critical material without marking.

Medium gauge cut-to-length lines from ALCOS are able to handle heavier materials and still produce an optimum cut with minimal shear induced stress

ALCOS heavy gauge cut-to-length lines come with high-speed heavy duty shear, 5 roll flattener, dual inline levelers, twin coil uncoilers, triple function sheet stacker, and 2 quick change slitters for edge trimming.  Equipped with a high-speed rotary shear with automatic gap adjustment our cut-to-length lines provide continuous output.  Dual levelers, each with a different number of work rolls and roll sizes, broaden the gauge range.

All of the cut-to-length lines available from ALCOS are fully customizable and able to meet even the most specific of production needs. ALCOS cut-to-length lines are reliable and able to handle materials and speeds of all kinds, making them the perfect choice for optimal efficiency. A wide range of industries can benefit from the use of ALCOS cut-to-length lines.  

Typical Cut-To-Length Line Parameters

Light Gauge Medium Gauge Heavy Gauge
Max. Thickness 0.125” (3 mm) 0.25” (6.4 mm) 1/2" - 1” (13 - 25 mm)
Max. Width 96" (2440 mm) 96" (2440 mm) 96" (2440 mm)
Max. Weight 100,000 lbs (45T) 100,000 lbs (45T) 100,000 lbs (45T)
Max. Speed upto 400 fpm upto 300 fpm upto 150 fpm

Advantages for your production plant

Having cut-to-length lines for your production plant means it is easier, safer and more efficient for the production of processing materials. The advantages of having ALCOS cut-to-length lines for your production plant are:

  • Minimal tooling preparations and higher productivity rates
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced operating costs
  • High in speed and strength
  • High input and output rates
  • Extreme sheet flatness due to high precision hydraulic levelers
  • Exact cutting accuracy 

Types of ALCOS Cut-to-Length Lines (CTL)

Start Stop Cut-To-Length Line

This is the most economical for heavy gauges. The output is generally 100 FPM (30m/min).

As the name implies, the strip is stopped for each cut of the shear. They are versatile, and can cut a variety of lengths and thicknesses, where ± 0.030 in. is sufficient. State of the art controls are used to stop the leveler drive after the desired length has been fed through the shear abd to initiate shear action and the subsequent feeding of the sheared length to the stacker.

Flying Shear Cut-To-Length Line

The Flying Shear System is a high production “non-contact” solution to CTL applications. This system can be provided in two variations… a stationary press with a flying die, or with a shear.

The flying die shear line is designed for clients that have low production rates and want to keep their costs low. They offer an economically friendly solution in processing heavy gauge materials.

Precision Feedroll Cut-To-Length Line

Precision feedroll lines are used to obtain accuracy at the highest production speeds. This is a versatile concept utilizing a feedroll operating from a shallow loop combined with a high-speed shear. Modern state of the art electronic controls and drives allow accuracy of ± 0.010 in. at speeds to 400 ft. per min. Short sheets can often be produced at a much higher accuracy. Loop requirements generally limits material to the light to medium gauges.

Skin Pass Mill / Mill Duty Cut-To-Length Line

A Skin Pass Mill in conjunction with our hydraulic corrective levelers produces stress-free, flat material in heavier gauges.

Rotary Shear CTL

The Rotary Shear System is the highest output type of CTL line and can cut up to 100 pieces a minute or with line speeds up to 400 FPM (120 m/min.).

ALCOS Rotary Shear CTL Line Highlights:

    • Precision Corrective Leveler
    • Precision Rotary Shear with automated gap adjustment
    • High capacity Indexing Servo Stacker

ALCOS Rotary Shear Advantages:

    • Line speeds up to 400 fpm and material thickness up to 3/4″
    • Up to 180 cuts/min unmatched production!
    • Cut-to-Length tolerances of ± 0.005”
    • Eliminates the looping-pit resulting in a more compact line and more space for inventory
    • Dramatically lower foundation and installation costs
    • Continuous line operation eliminates roll marks caused by levelers in start/stop lines
    • Lower your delivery times, and impress your customers with panel flat chatter free sheets!
    • Retrofit your existing start/stop line with an ALCOS Precision Rotary Shear

Additional features of our Rotary Shear CTL Line:

    • Twin Expanding Mandrel Uncoiler with Regenerative Drives
    • Five Roll Flattener
    • Fully Automatic Sheet Stacker
    • Multiple Side and End Discharge and Storage Conveyors

Our Coil Cut-to-Length Lines Features

Several features of ALCOS Machinery cut-to-length lines are:

  • High-Speed Heavy Duty Shear
  • Dual Inline Levelers
  • Twin Cone Uncoilers
  • Triple Function Sheet Stacker
  • 2 Quick Change Slitters for Edge Trimming
  • Twin Expanding Mandrel Uncoiler with Regenerative Drives
  • Five Roll Flattener
  • Fully Automatic Sheet Stacker
  • Multiple Side and End Discharge and Storage Conveyors

ALCOS Machinery’s Cut-to-Length lines can cut all types of metals of various strengths. The line can cut soft metals such as aluminum and alloy, hot and cold-rolled materials such as carbon and stainless steel, and high-strength and lamination steel.

In the recent years, there has been a high demand for manufacturing delicate materials such as stainless steel and pre-painted materials, which enables the use of 4H and 6H high precision levelers.

ALCOS’ Cut-to-Length lines have the functionality to transform high strength material and produce high-quality work. They enhance productivity and have greater flexibility with the range of materials that can be used.

Our Coil Cut-to-Length Lines at Work