high speed blanking line
multi blanking lines roller
ALCOS Multi Blanking Lines are a fast and highly efficient means of creating precision leveled blanks from coil, customized to suit each of our customer’s plant layout. Lines can be supplied to process material up to 72 ins. wide and .187 ins. thick and upto 100,000 lbs. coil weight. The inline crop shearing and auto scrap disposal system ensures that over gauge strip does not pass through the leveler.

The in-line Hydraulic Levelers produce panel flat material. Flatteners can also be provided to supplement the in line leveler or as a stand-alone process for heavier materials.

ALCOS slitters utilize composite tooling to provide precise slit edges. Slitters can be either stationary, or injector-type, and can be used for blank slitting or edge trimming. Digital tooling set-up systems allow rapid and accurate tooling changes.

Additionally, versatile stacking systems provide highly efficient sheet handling with inspection conveyors. Edge scrap systems can be baller, winder, or chopper, depending upon customer preference.

ALCOS high speed shears are included in the line and are equipped with a convenient “one point” blade adjustment, to enable easy setup from various gauge of material. Centralised lubrication systems are provided, and a high speed disc type clutch and brake and solid state control ensures accurate shear timing.  

Various automatic sheet stacking systems are provided: air float, drop stacking, or combination.

Our lines can be used as simple CTL, or multi-blanking modes. Elevated stacking conveyors eliminate material marking from stacking. Our stacking systems can provide “smooth end” stacks.

Finished stacks can be discharged side or end depending upon preference or plant layout.

In line pallet weighing systems are provided complete with digital readout and ticket printing.

Our multi blanking lines are completely computer controlled and can be used to process carbon steel, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, aluminum and other metals.

Advantages for your production plant

Having Multi Blanking Lines for your production plant means it is easier, safer and more efficient for the production of precision-leveled blanks from coil.

  • High level of customization;
  • Wider range of processed material;
  • Rapid, easy, and accurate setup;
  • Precise slit edges, cut length tolerance and diagonal accuracy;
  • Non-marked surface of the processed material;
  • Accurate shear timing;
  • Designed for short and long run productions;

Types of ALCOS Multi Blanking Lines

Multi-Blanking Line with CNC Programmable Slitter Tooling Position Set-up   

The ALCOS CNC Programmable Slitter is completely automatic. The slitter knives are adjusted at the operator station by inputting the required width of each strip.

Multi-Blanking Line with Injector Slitter

The injector slitter allows off-line tooling set-ups.

Multi Blanking Lines with Levelers

Cassette levelers or single or back to back levelers, allow a wider range of materials to be leveled prior to slitting and cutting to length.

Multi Blanking Lines with Recoiler

The Recoiler allows master coils be to split into smaller coils with the ability to edge trim and shape correct.

Stacking Systems

ALCOS provides a diverse range of stackers. Drop stacking, air float, or a combination of both allows various material gauges to be stacked. Side, end, or discharge in both directions is available. High stacker frames or cantilevered frames allow easy operator access.

Our Coil Multi Blanking Lines at Work