Precision Corrective Levelers

ALCOS designs and manufactures a complete range of precision corrective levelers, in standard 4HI configurations or 5HI and 6HI roll configurations for surface sensitive materials.


The ALCOS 4-HI LEVELER includes two sets of horizontal and parallel driven work rolls one set above and offset with respect to the other. The small diameter work rolls are supported by a number of flights of precision back-up rolls to control work roll deflection.



The ALCOS 6-HI LEVELER has an additional bank of full-width intermediate rolls between the back-up and work rolls on both top and bottom roll banks, to prevent marking of soft or highly-polished strip surfaces.


The ALCOS 5-HI LEVELER has a similar bank of full-width intermediate rolls between the back-up and work rolls on the only adjustable back-up roll bank of rolls to prevent marking of soft or highly-polished strip surfaces.

ROLL SIZES: From 1″ diameter to 7″ diameter work rolls with up to seventeen or nineteen work rolls.

WIDTH CAPACITY: up to 96″ wide materials.

Our Corrective Levelers Features

Back-Up Roll Assemblies

The back-up roll assemblies (flights) provide both vertical and horizontal support for the work rolls. 

The back-up rolls consist of a unique  bearing arrangement that can withstand the radial loads coupled with axial thrust.  They are specifically ground crown and blended radii to reduce marking of the work or intermediate rolls they support. One bank of work rolls has manually adjustable back-up rolls for set-up purposes only, the other bank has remote-controlled, motorized, back-up roll adjustment for use during operation.

All flights are actuated by independent entry and exit hydraulic cylinders which allows the operator for maximum flexibility during operation.

Work Rolls

The ALCOS precision ground work rolls are made from a special alloy steel, induction hardened for the optimum combination of core toughness and controlled surface hardness and depth. All work rolls are precision ground to ensure effective control and positioning.

Critical surface applications may require the work rolls to be chrome plated. All work rolls rotate in bearings.

Work Roll Drive

Each work roll is driven at exactly the same speed by the transmission system through a Alcos custom universal joint drive system.

Transmission Gearbox

The drive comprises of a gear reducer and splitter gearbox. All shafts, pinions, and gears are made from hardened alloy steel for maximum performance.


Lubrication System

Centralized automatic lubrication system to all bearings ensures even lubrication of all essential parts.

Operators interface

Free standing console house operator push buttons, joysticks and large touch screen display with multi-color graphic readout showing positions of each flight of back-up rolls.  All settings can be saved and recalled for easy operation.  The adjustments can be recalled automatically.

Our Precision Corrective Levelers at Work

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