High Speed Slitting Line Machine
Coil Slitting Machine
The Strip metal coils are produced in large sizes by mills, but end users require these coils broken down to various sizes. Slitting Lines are required to slit coils into narrower widths.

ALCOS Machinery is a leading manufacturer of precision Slitting Lines. ALCOS delivers, outstanding solutions with customizable High-Speed Light Gauge, Medium Gauge and Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines. ALCOS slitting lines, can process materials up to .625 inches (15 mm) thick, widths up to 84″ (2135 mm) and coils up to 100,000 lbs (45 tonnes).

ALCOS slitting lines can be equipped to slit ferrous and non-ferrous metals including, hot rolled steel, HRP&O steel, cold rolled steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon steels, tin plate, copper, and brass. ALCOS high-strength slitting lines are specially designed to process the advanced and ultra-high strength steels and aluminum that are increasingly found in the marketplace today.

With a devotion to meeting customer needs, ALCOS holds the highest standards when it comes to its products.

Types of ALCOS Slitting Lines

ALCOS offers slitting lines to cover your full range of slitting requirements. Each line includes unique features to increase productivity and operator efficiency.

Here are just a few of the many features that can be included in an ALCOS slitting line:

  •  Efficient staging utilizing Four Arm Coil Storage Turnstiles and Entry Coil Cars.
  • Automatic coil loading from the turnstile to the uncoiler.
  • Uncoilers equipped with automatic tension control and automatic tail-out function.
  • Automatically adjusted base under the uncoiler to ensure that the strip is always centered.
  • Entry Pinch Roll Breaker Unit to flatten the lead end of the coil, enabling easier strip feeding.
  • Entry Crop Shear with Automatic gap adjustment and automatic shear cycling.
  • Turret Injector Slitter System with two or three slitter heads stored on a carousel to facilitate rapid head changes through the automated injector system.
  • An advanced Auto-Load Tooling Capstan System to enable the automatic rapid interchange of the slitter tooling.

This includes the following automation:

  • automatic tooling unloading from the slitter to the capstan
  • automatic tooling loading from the tooling capstan to the slitter
  • automatic tooling capstan rotation to tooling change position
  • automatic hydraulic tool locking on arbors
  • A Scrap Baller System, Scrap Winder System or ALCOS’s Synchro-Cut Scrap Choppers to process edge trim.
  • Combi Strip Tension Unit, complete with drag pads and quick-change tension rolls with automatic tension control.
  • A remotely Adjustable Catenary Unit to ensure smooth operation when processing light gauges at high speeds.
  • Automatic Strip Separator System to quickly and automatically position the separator discs and lock them in place. This eliminates the cumbersome and time-consuming task of manually setting up the separators.
  • Parting Shear with automatic strip stops for coil splitting when selected coil OD on the recoiler or linear strip measurement is reached.
  • Recoiler Mandrel with ALCOS’s Multi Wedge Floating Gripper System, which provides a No Tongue Coil I.D.
  • Recoiler gearbox with induction hardened and precision ground gears.
  • Automatically adjusted Overarm Separator to guide the slit strands onto the recoiler drum.
  • A Strand Retainer Unit to clamp the slit strands after the coils are fully wound.
  • Exit Coil Car equipped with an adjustable slit mult retaining system.
  • Four Arm Exit Turnstile featuring replaceable hardened & polished wear bars.
  • A complete hydraulic package, including solenoid operated control valves, manifold mounted and pre-piped to all functions.
  • A complete Electrical Package with AC drive system, controls and operator control stations. All on-machine wiring is pre-wired to local junction boxes.

Our Coil Slitting Lines at Work