Cut-to-Length Lines FAQ

What is a coil cut-to-length line?

A coil cut-length line creates flat metal sheets. Flat metal sheets don’t come from the mill as flat metal sheets – they come as coils of metal which look something like giant paper towel rolls. A coil cut-to-length line uncoils metal rolls, levels them, cuts them to your specifications, and then stacks them. Coil cut-to-length lines produce flat sheets of metal cut to a precise measurement.

ALCOS coil cut-to-length lines are energy efficient and offer high-speed metal sheet production with extreme sheet flatness and precision cutting accuracy. They are ideal for processing materials up to .625 inches (16mm) thick and 96 inches (2438 mm) wide from coils of up to 100,000 lbs. (45,000 kg) with a diameter of up to 100” (2540 mm).

What is a light gauge cut-to-length line?

Light gauge cut-to-length lines are specialized machines designed to uncoil and cut metal rolls produced by metal mills. A light gauge cut-to-length line will uncoil, level, and cut metal roll into flat metal sheets of your specification. Light gauge cut-to-length lines make flat sheets of metal fit for your company’s use.

ALCOS light gauge cut-to-length lines are built to be fast and easy to use. They can produce flat metal sheets at high line speeds without material slippage or markings.

What is a medium gauge cut-to-length line?

Medium gauge cut to length lines are a medium scale option for metal sheet production. Metal rolls produced by metal mills can be fed into a medium gauge cut-to-length line where they will be uncoiled, leveled, and cut into flat metal sheets. Medium gauge cut-to-length lines create flat sheet metal of your specification for your business’s purposes.

ALCOS Medium gauge cut-to-length lines can handle heavier metal rolls but still produce precise cuts with low shear-induced stress.

What is a heavy gauge cut-to-length line?

Heavy gauge cut-to-length lines are the heaviest duty metal coil processing machines available. Metal coils or rolls are produced by metal mills. Without heavy gauge cut-to-length lines, these metal rolls are unusable for most purposes. Heavy gauge cut-to-length lines process these rolls into flat metal sheets at specific measurements of your choice and stack them for your convenience.

Heavy gauge cut-to-length lines from ALCOS come with a high power, high-speed shear, five roll flatteners, twin inline levelers, dual uncoilers, a three-function sheet stacker, and two quick-change slitters.

How does coil cut-to-length line work?

Coil cut-to-length lines work by taking metal coils or rolls from a metal mill and turning them into flat metal sheets of your specifications. Metal coils or rolls resemble giant paper towels. These rolls are fed into the coil cut-to-length line which unspools, flattens, cuts, and then stacks them as flat metal sheets. Coil cut-to-length lines are an effective tool for producing sheet metal for your business.

ALCOS coil cut-to-length lines are powerful yet intuitive machines that can fit in any production plant. We offer light, medium, and heavy cut-to-length lines, each suited for specific workloads. Contact us to find the machine that best fits your company.

At what speed cut-to-length line operates?

Cut-to-length lines operate at speeds between 100 feet per minute (FPM) to feet per minute. This translates to 30 metres per minute (MPM) to 120 metres per minute. The speeds vary depending on the specific cut-to-length machine you are using.

Start Stop Cut-To-Length Line

This is the most economical choice for businesses seeking heavy gauges. It outputs 100 FPM (30 MPM).

Precision Feedroll Cut-To-Length Line

Precision feedroll lines are accurate with high production speeds. State of the art machinery allows accuracy of ± 0.010 in. at speeds up to 400 FPM (100 MPM).

Rotary Shear Cut-To-Length Line

The Rotary Shear System is the highest output cut-to-length line and can cut up to 100 pieces a minute with line speeds up to 400 FPM (120 MPM).

ALCOS offers cut to length lines that produce flat sheet metal at speeds up to 400 FPM. Please contact us to find an appropriate cut to length line for your business.


What is the process of cutting the coil to specific length (cut-to-length)?

Gripper feeds are responsible for cutting coils to specific lengths. There are no perfect pieces produced by metal slitting lines, whether they’re cut-to-length operations or full coil operations. All products will have some degree of deformation.

To minimize this deformation, grip feed measuring systems (sometimes referred to as hitch or side feed systems) are standard in cut-to-length machines. Mechanical grippers deliver “sheet geometry” to the cut-to-length line machine which then uses this information to make high-accuracy cuts.

ALCOS offers cut to length machines complete with gripper feeds. Aside from assuring accurately produced cut-to-length metal sheets, ALCOS grippers also prevent damage to the presses and shears. ALCOS grip feed systems are able to achieve 250 FPM+ at high cutting accuracy.

Cut-to-length vs multi-blanking process

A Multi-Blanking Line is a Cut-To-Length Line which incorporates a Slitting Head. Slitting heads are used to cut metal coils to a specific width. Multi-blanking systems combine the slit-to-width and cut-to-length processes into one job, making it simple and efficient to produce a custom sized piece.

In order to produce a custom sized sheet of material without a Multi-Blanking Line, you must first slit your metal coil into the widths required for your Slitting Line. You then have to take each individual slit coil and cut it to length on your Cut-To-Length Line.

ALCOS offers Multi-Blanking Lines that combines both processes into one task. Contact us today to discuss multi-blanking line options.

What is a cut-to-length machine?

Cut to length machines are used for uncoiling, straightening, cutting to length and stacking sheet metal. Cut to length machines process metal coil rolls that come from metal mills. Metal coil rolls are unusable in the form that they are shipped in, which is why manufacturers value cut to length machines so highly. A cut to length machine offers automation that can make sure of accurate feeding, shearing, and flattening. It can used for a variety of metals for a number of industries.

ALCOS offers versatile cut-to-length machines well suited for manufacturers. Contact us today to find a machine that fits your needs.