Kloeckner Metals, a corporation that stocks carbon and nonferrous metals, recently opened its facility in Greenville, S.C. following a significant expansion that costed over $11.3 million. This upgraded facility is now equipped with a 50,000 square foot bay with new state of the art equipment such as 43-ton cranes and a new automated slitting line capable of processing advanced high-strength steels and aluminum manufactured by ALCOS Machinery Inc.

The Greenville expansion was announced this past July by the Roswell Ga. – based service center. They reported that the expansion and installation of the new high speed, 84-inch wide ALCOS slitting line will allow the facility to help meet the increasing demands of steel manufacturing in the region and will continue to serve the growing automotive market in the Southeast. This expansion, as well as the increased efficiency of the ALCOS slitting line, will allow the company to add 19 more jobs at the Greenville facility.

Kloeckner Metals serves more than 50 locations throughout North America and services over 8,000 metalworking business throughout Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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